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●n June, the ◆annual market valu〓e of China&rsq●uo;s e-sports secto○r reached ●20 billion y●uan ($3.19 billi○on) in 2016, gen○erated by gamers&○rsquo;

spending, cop〓yright distribu●tion, merchandising〓


and e-commerce.○ The number○ of registered onlin○e gamers jum●ped to 220 m●illion in 2017 fro■m 170 millio■n in 2016.Anot●her report, f●rom market researc●her Niko Partner〓, showed C●hina’●s e-sports ◆market topped■ $1.26 billion i●n 2017, while ●the total prize mon◆

marke〓t is now

h■uge and its value h◆as skyrocketed

ey at Chinese tourna■ments was $64 mill◆ion — up fr○om $51 million th●e previous y●ear.Tencent’s ■King of Glory has〓 amassed over 200 m■illion regi●stered users◆ since its● launch in 2015, an〓d an e-sports ◆competition● based on the game ○— Kin●g Pro Leagu

e〓 — ha■s taken the co■untry by storm 〓since its establish〓ment a year later.T〓he fall season■ final of the ○2017 KPL attracted◆ over 11,000 excite○d fans at Sh■enzhen Bay S

  1. i〓n recent yea●rs.According◆ to Penguin Intelli●g
  2. ence’s 20●17 China G●ame Industry Re■port, re
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